Quackenderry Creek Biological Assessment, 2005 Survey


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Bode, R. W., Novak, M. A., Abele, L. E., Heitzman, D. L., Smith, A. J., Smith, C. 2006. Quackenderry Creek Biological Assessment, 2005 Survey. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY.

Impervious, Invertebrates, Macro-invertebrates, Streams, Water quality, Watershed, Impervious cover, Field assessment, Aquatic community, Wildlife, Aquatic ecosystems, Biology, Sampling

This report presents the results of a biomonitoring effort of Quackenderry Creek in New York (U.S.) in July 2005. The sampling was intended to evaluate the water quality of the stream and to relate it to the imperviousness of the watershed.

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