Watershed Science Bulletin Spring 2012


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Watershed Science Bulletin Spring 2012 The Application of Monitoring and Modeling in Watershed Management


Pollution Loading from Illicit Sewage Discharges in Two Mid-Atlantic Subwatersheds and Implications for Nutrient and Bacterial Total Maximum Daily Loads /7

Stream Dissolved Oxygen Improvement Feasibility Study—Salt Creek and East Branch DuPage River /18

Integrating Stormwater Controls Designed for Channel Protection, Water Quality, and Inflow/ Infiltration Mitigation in Two Pilot Watersheds to Restore a More Natural Flow Regime in Urban Streams /25

The State of the San Gabriel River Watershed: Using Multiple Indicators To Assess Watershed Health /38

A Method for Disaggregating Existing Model Pollutant Loads for Subwatersheds /49


Local Monitoring Data Used To Support Watershed-Based Hydrologic Modeling of Downscaled Climate Model Output /62

Locally Derived Water Balance Method To Evaluate Realistic Outcomes for Runoff Reduction in St. Louis, Missouri /65

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