Watershed Science Bulletin Spring 2011


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Owner: Chris Swann

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Last Updated: 14-02-2017 19:19


Watershed Science Bulletin Spring 2011 Integrating Climate Change Science into Watershed and Stormwater Management


Linking Stormwater and Climate Change: Retooling for Adaptation /11

Watershed Management and Climate Change in New York State: The Great Lakes Compact /19

Increased Streamflow in Agricultural Watersheds of the Midwest: Implications for Management /25

Sea Level Rise Adaptation at the Local Government Level in Virginia /32


Recommendations for Developing Saltmarsh Buffer Widths as Sea Levels Rise /37

Adaptive Approaches for Riparian Forest Management To Offset Climate Change Effects /39

CAKE: Your Online Climate Adaptation Destination /40

Arizona NEMO Preparing Watershed Communities for Climate Variability with Best Management Practices /41

Adaptation Strategies To Address Climate Change Impacts on Wisconsin’s Water Resources /42

A Climate Change Action Plan for the Florida Reef System /44

Building a Network of Climate-Resilient Watersheds in Oregon /46 What’s in a Name? Not Much if It’s “Climate Change” /48

Oyster River Culvert Analysis Informs Coastal Climate Change Adaptation /49

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