Town of New Market Stormwater Retrofit Plan


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Owner: Chris Swann

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 26-11-2019 18:06


Center for Watershed Protection. 2019. Town of New Market Stormwater Retrofit Plan. Produced For the Town of New Market, MD and Funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Center for Watershed Protection, Ellicott City. MD.

Retrofit,stormwater, planning, water quality, pollutant removal

The Town of New Market was established more than 200 years ago; therefore, much of the Town does not have the water quality best management practices (BMPs) that are now required for development projects to capture and treat stormwater runoff before it enters nearby waterways. In 2017, the Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. (the Center) conducted an assessment for the Town to evaluate opportunities to install stormwater retrofits that reduce stormwater pollution. This plan presents the recommendations resulting from this assessment.

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