Stream Restoration Strategies for Reducing River Nitrogen Loads

Stream Restoration Strategies for Reducing River Nitrogen Loads

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Craig, L.S., Palmer, M.A., Richardson, D.C., Filoso, S., Bernhardt, E.S., Bledsoe, B.P. 2008. Stream restoration strategies for reducing river nitrogen loads. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Ecological Society of America, Ithaca, NY. Volume 6, Number 10. Pages 529–538
nitrogen, Stream Restoration
Stream restoration has become increasingly popular, yet efforts to quantify N-removal benefits are only just beginning. The paper proposes a framework for prioritizing restoration sites that involves identifying where potential N loads are large due to sizeable sources and efficient delivery to streams, and when the majority of N is exported. Suggested approaches that increase in-stream carbon availability, contact between the water and benthos, and connections between streams and adjacent terrestrial environments are provided.

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