Socioeconomic Conditions along the World's Tropical Coasts: 2008

Socioeconomic Conditions along the World's Tropical Coasts: 2008

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Author: Chris Swann

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Loper et al. 2008_Socioeconomic Conditions Along the World's Tropical Coasts - 2008.pdf

Loper, C., Pomeroy, R., Hoon, V., McConney, P., Pena, M., Sanders, A. 2008. Socioeconomic Conditions along the World’s Tropical Coasts: 2008. NOAA, GCRMN, Conservation International.

Analysis, Assessment, Coastal, Conservation, Human health, Literature review, Monitoring, Policy, Water quality, Economics, Meta-analysis, Socioeconomic

This report was developed by NOAA, the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, and Conservation International. The report includes data from almost 50 studies of the socioeconomic impacts of coastal conditions from tropical communities around the world. It includes regional case studies with specific recommendations for coastal management, and it details lessons learned when monitoring socioeconomic status along with the need for future research.

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