Roofing as a Source of Nonpoint Water Pollution

Roofing as a Source of Nonpoint Water Pollution

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Chang, M., McBroom, M. W., Beasley, R. S. 2004. Roofing as a source of nonpoint water pollution. Journal of Environmental Management. Elsevier, Oxford, UK. Volume 73. Pages 307-315
bacteria, metals, runoff, Stormwater, monitoring
Sixteen wooden structures with two roofs each were installed to study runoff quality for four commonly used roofing materials (wood shingle, composition shingle, painted aluminum, and galvanized iron) at Nacogdoches, Texas. Runoff from the roofs was collected through galvanized gutters, downspouts, and splitters. The roof runoff was compared to rainwater collected by a wet/dry acid rain collector for the concentrations of eight water quality variables.

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