N Retention and Transformation in Urban Streams


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Grimm, N. B., Sheibley, R. W., Crenshaw, C. L., Dahm, C. N., Roach, W. J., Zeglin, L. H. 2005. N Retention and Transformation in Urban Streams. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. The Society for Freshwater Science. Volume 24, Number 3. Pages 626-642

Ecosystem, Monitoring, Nitrogen, Nutrients, Streams, Tracking, Urban, Water quality

This study evaluated the nitrogen retention behavior of urban streams in the southwestern United States by conducting experimental tracer studies and separate nutrient addition experiments. The results of these experiments were compared to similar monitoring efforts of unaltered streams. The results indicate that nutrient spiraling metrics can be used as a tool to evaluate the ecosystem services of streams in urban restoration project areas.

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