Maintenance for Stormwater Treatment Practices

Maintenance for Stormwater Treatment Practices

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Author: Chris Swann

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 06-12-2019 20:16


Erickson et al. 2010_Maintenance for Stormwater Treatment Practices.pdf

Erickson, A. J., Gulliver, J. S., Kang, J. H., Weiss, P. T., Wilson, C. B. Maintenance for Stormwater Treatment Practices. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education. 146. 75-82

Analysis, Best management practice, Green infrastructure, Maintenance, Municipal concerns, Stormwater, BMPs, Surveys

This study developed, distributed, and analyzed the results of a survey of nearly 30 municipal public works agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin (U.S.). The survey results indicated that over 60% of municipalities conduct routine maintenance activities on at least an annual basis.

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