Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It?

Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It?

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Author: Chris Swann

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Kenney et al. 2012_Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It.pdf

Kenney, M. A., Wilcock, P. R., Hobbs, B. F., Flores, N. E., Martinez, D. C. 2012. Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It? Journal of the American Water Resources Association. American Water Resources Association. 48, 3. 603-615

Analysis, Erosion, Management, Nutrients, Restoration, Streams, Stream restoration, Water quality, Economics, Cost analysis, Cost-effectiveness, Erosion and sediment control

This study uses an economic-analysis-based approach to quantify and compare the contributions of urban stream restoration to costs. The approach is illustrated using a case study of a stream restoration project conducted in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.).

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