Integrated Cross-Realm Planning: A Decision-Makers' Perspective

Integrated Cross-Realm Planning: A Decision-Makers' Perspective

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Author: Chris Swann

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Alvarez-Romero et al. 2015_Integrated Cross-Realm Planning - A Decision-Makers' Perspective.pdf

Alvarez-Romero, J. G., Adams, V. M., Pressey, R. L., Douglas, M., Dale, A. P., Auge, A. A. 2015. Integrated Cross-Realm Planning: A Decision-Makers’ Perspective. Biological Conservation, Hoboken, NJ.

Conservation, Management, Model, Planning, Policy, Water quality, Watershed/stormwater plan, Socioeconomic, Decision-making, Interdisciplinary

This paper discusses the need to implement cross-realm, interdisciplinary approaches to planning and decision-making in the water resources field. It presents a unique operational framework to visualize this planning approach, including input from scientists, resource managers, and policy-makers.

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