Effective Discharge Analysis of Ecological Processes in Streams

Effective Discharge Analysis of Ecological Processes in Streams

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Doyle, M.W., Stanley, E.H., Strayer, D.L., Jacobson, R.B., Schmidt, J.C. 2005. Effective discharge analysis of ecological processes in streams. Water Resources Research. American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C. Volume 41, Issue 11. Pages 1-16
Assessment, baseflow, stormflow, stream, Stormwater, watershed
An analytical method of effective discharge from fluvial geomorphology is used to analyze the interaction between frequency and magnitude of discharge events that drive organic matter transport, algal growth, nutrient retention, macroinvertebrate disturbance, and habitat availability. Results suggest that a range of discharges is important for different ecological processes in an individual stream. Discharges are not equally important; instead, effective discharge values exist that correspond to near modal flows and moderate floods for the variable sets examined.

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