Denitrification in Alluvial Wetlands in an Urban Landscape


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Harrison, M.D., Groffman, P.M., Mayer, P.M., Kaushal, S.S., Newcomer, T.A. 2011. Denitrification in Alluvial Wetlands in an Urban Landscape. Journal of Environmental Quality. ASA, CSSA, SSSA, Madison, WI. Volume 40, Number 2. Pages 634-646
nutrients, urban, wetlands, Ecosystem
Riparian wetlands have been shown to be particularly effective “sinks” for nitrate-N, minimizing the downstream export of nitrogen (N) to streams and coastal water bodies. An investigation of the variation and magnitude of denitrification in three constructed and two relict oxbow urban wetlands and in two forested reference wetlands in the Baltimore metropolitan area are studied.

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