Cost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure

Cost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure

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Author: Chris Swann

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Clary & Piza 2017_Cost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure.pdf

Clary, J., Piza, H. 2017. Cost of Maintaining Green Infrastructure. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, VA.

Analysis, Best management practice, Construction, Green infrastructure, Maintenance, Management, Municipal concerns, Planning, Stormwater, Economics, Cost estimation, Cost analysis, BMPs

This research report was prepared by the Municipal Water Infrastructure Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Environmental and Water Resources Institute. The primary aim of this report is to provide a summarized compilation of data that can be used to estimate whole-life costs for common small-scale green infrastructure technologies, specifically with a focus on maintenance costs. Costs were separated into ”hard costs” (e.g., construction, operation & maintenance, etc.) and ”soft costs” (e.g., planning, engineering, administration, etc.). This report also contains a list of available cost estimation tools and recommendations for improved maintenance cost data reporting techniques.

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