2016 Georgia Stormwater Management Manual – Volume 2:Technical Handbook


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Owner: Chris Swann

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Last Updated: 15-04-2016 14:03


AECOM, Atlanta Regional Commission, Center for Watershed Protection, Center Forward, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Mandel Design. 2016. 2016 Georgia Stormwater Management Manual  РVolume 2:Technical Handbook. Atlanta Regional Council, Atlanta, GA. 277 pages

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The Atlanta Regional Council (ARC) the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority,cities, counties, and other organizations throughout the state of Georgia together with a collection of consultants led by AECOM and including the Center for Watershed Protection have worked to update the 2001 Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (the Blue Book).  The new manual is divided into two volumes; Volume 1 Local Government Guide, and Volume 2 Technical Handbook. Together they provide an up-to-date tool for managing stormwater that provides not only state-of-the industry practices and information, but also information specific to Georgia.

Available online at: http://atlantaregional.com/environment/georgia-stormwater-manual

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